Monday, September 22, 2014

Fittingly Fall

There's a short time in between summer and fall when you have already retired your white lace sundresses but aren't quite ready to pull on wool tights or fleece-lined blazers.  This is a time of anticipation of a chillier season to come and the dream of a whole new wardrobe.  Fall is a time for reinvention in many ways, a brand new start, and a wonderful beginning to a new school year.  Though it's nice to hold onto a wistful memory of summer, simultaneously we can blaze into the new season with a jewel-toned color palette and richly-textured fabrics.  There's something so regal about fall, which is why my new favorite items are both fit for a Russian debutante, a Viennese princess, or someone equally languid and chic.  The Long Fur Vest by Annelore is reminiscent of an elegant folktale - very Little Red Riding Hood.  While a drop of Odacite's a Summer in Hossegor with carrot and blueberry oil will keep your complexion rosy, taut, and radiant as we head into the vibrant new season.