Saturday, February 26, 2011

Think Pink

Cotton-candy-pink always makes me think of the film Funny Face with Fred and Audrey, possibly the most elegant film of all time & definitely the reason why fuchsia is forever-chic. I've been filling vases in my house with pink peonies in anticipation of spring, and below are a few of my favorite pastel-pink items that are a cheerful and elegant cure for winter-doldrums.

1.) Cherry Blossom Ginseng Miracle Defrizzant Cream comes in this pretty pearlescent pump and smells sweet and softly floral. It gives hair incredible shine (use it overnight on parched ends), but the smell is divine and lingers all evening (when people give you a hug they'll get a whiff of cherry blossoms).

2.) I realize that fashion is in the midst of a Black-Swan-moment feather-wise. Though it's transient, I can't help but love this Cynthia Rowley tutu. Is this actually something that I can wear in public? I've decided yes, especially in my fantasy where I go ice skating at the newish Standard Hotel rink.

3.) In memory of Valentine's Day, I've been keeping a box of Sweethearts on my desk. I actually really like the taste, kind of tropical-fruit-like, but the new sayings are totally hysterical and a little bossy. I just ate one that said "Step Up."

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