Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Worry Wart!

I feel as though I have been having a lot of (mainly irrational) worries lately - don't we all. Anyhow, I recently invested in some worry dolls, a childhood favorite of mine that I just rediscovered, and while these definitely help - buy some for anyone you love, they are adorable and according to Guatemalan lore you whisper your worries to them and put them under your pillow at night to banish the worry by morning - I needed something a little more intense. I love the concept. However, my worrying has apparently been causing some weird frown lines to develop between my eyes - only causing additional worries. Murad Sleep Reform Serum to the rescue! This silky serum has a cocktail of ingredients like melatonin, peptides, and anti-oxidants (basically the equivalent of worry dolls for your frown lines - genius!)

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Winter Warm-Up

Lately, I've been (to put it mildly) freezing!! It's been quite winter-wonderlandish in NYC these last few days. It puts me in the mood to ice skate or do some other form of winter sport that requires little exertion. However, I've been spending the better part of the last few days working from home and at night especially it's been chilly in the apartment. Here are a few urban-warming tips for those who are sans fireplace. I'm currently desiring the Malm Fireplace, but right now that's just a pipe dream (no pun intended).

1.) This tea with tumeric and ginger is the perfect cozy evening drink, and the spice tumeric has been lauded for its anti-inflammatory properties.

2.) The Malm Fireplace is definitely an investment piece but it could very well change your life - atleast for this season.

3.) Bigelow's Ginger Mentha Warming Body Scrub is like wrapping yourself in a warm and fuzzy blanket - utter bliss on a cold night.

Stay warm!
xo beauty

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