Sunday, May 23, 2010

Mary-Tyler-Moore Hair

Every time that Mother's Day rolls around, I get a little anxious, because finding an amazing gift for my mother that is unique (i.e. something's she's never seen or heard of before) can be a daunting task. She's extremely well versed in every new book or beauty product that's been recently released, and since those are the two categories of gift that I usually stick with when buying something for her, I quickly realized this year that I would have to be even more creative than usual. Along with an unusual watermelon liquor that sounded like the perfect summer aperitif, I ended up purchasing Wen Almond Mint Cleansing Conditioner for her (I'd seen it on an infomercial and it sounded kind of amazing- you use it like a shampoo). My mother's never been a big fan of her hair texture, so she's always on the hunt for something to give her that swingy, shiny Mary-Tyler-Moore look that we all covet. This cleanser has literally changed the texture of her hair; it's incredibly shiny, bouncy, and well very Mary. The elusive search for the chimerical hair product has finally ended, and mom's hair looks fabulous, better than ever.

photo credit cleansing conditioner:
photo credit Mary Tyler Moore photo: TMTMS.jpg

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