Friday, April 16, 2010

Cloudy Disposition

Tonight someone on the bus told me to "stop frowning nothing's that bad." Though that might be true this unnecessarily cheerful person didn't accidentally nearly lock herself out of her office last night (with her purse still inside), get accosted by two religious converters for a total of 3 blocks in midtown early in the morning, accidentally order two of the same book from, and realize in a panic that she has a total of 2 days to decide if she is going to dramatically change career paths. To top it off I got caught in the rain this evening without an umbrella. The only cure for this kind of day is listening to the song Santiago (it weirdly reminds me of a Peter Paul and Mary song that always used to cheer me up as a child) and using a really cool umbrella tonight when I have to go back out in the rain. Who could feel unhappy carrying this?

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