Thursday, March 11, 2010

Outsmart Genetics: Actually Banish Dark Circles

I think the single skin issue that ages women the most has to be dark circles. When I don't sleep well I wake up looking like a different person. There has been a lot of discussion and debate among beauty gurus and clinicians regarding whether or not these dark circles can actually be corrected. Current theories for their origin range from blood leaking from capillaries underneath the skin (creating that bruised purple look) to unlucky genes. The resounding argument was that if these circles are indeed genetic then they cannot be fixed, in short you have to live with them. I was convinced that any attempt at eradicating them would be futile, so I invested in the best concealers and eye-creams in the hopes that I could stave off wrinkles. However, then I bought Hylexin, and now my opinion has changed remarkably. Not only has it significantly lightened my genetically-induced as well as sleep-deprivation-induced dark circles but it has also made my eye area look brighter overall. I still use concealer (Revlon Age Defying Spa) but it's definitely not as necessary as it used to be and people have stopped asking me if I'm tired.

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