Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Bewitched by Japanese Agarwood

If Samantha Stevens on Bewitched had a signature fragrance it would definitely be Lisa Hoffman's Japanese Agarwood. This scent comes in 4 different variations to wear for different occasions and at different times of day, perfect for the busy modern woman/witch. There is something comforting and infinitely wearable about the underlying scent (perfect for Samantha's PTA meetings at Tabitha's school) and general suburban housewifery, yet there is also an intriguing mysterious side to Agarwood that lends the wearer an enigmatic quality that can't quite be pinned down. Though the scent is described as a mixture of "Italian Bergamot, Spiced Ginger Accord, and Warm Amber," an underlying hint of exoticism really makes this fragrance unique and intoxicating. I can just imagine Samantha enjoying a prim and proper dinner with the Tates, and then at a moment's notice (or the wiggle of a nose) sitting down at a table in Morocco for cocktails with the eccentric Endora.

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