Sunday, January 10, 2010

A Conditioner Fit For Rapunzel

When I was 5 years old I had the most beautiful ringlets that my mother would adorn with large silk bows. Years of damage and heat-styling have taken a toll on the texture of my hair to the point that it became straight and kind of limp. Since I now have very long hair for the first time since I was five years old, I'm beginning to realize that I need to resort to drastic measures if I want my hair to bear any kind of resemblance to its former glory. Santa Maria Novella's Honey Intensive Cream is the only conditioner that gives me beautiful youthful hair without split ends. I haven't even had to trim my hair in 6 months (it's that good). My mother tried it, and it changed the texture of her hair as well (from coarse and frizzy to smooth and sleek). If you really want your hair to feel like velvety Rapunzel locks, shampoo with Vanilla Silk Shampoo from Organix (get it at your local drugstore), then leave in the Honey Cream for twenty minutes before rinsing (doing the final rinse under cold water), and be the heroine in your very own beauty fairytale.

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