Sunday, November 15, 2009

OCD Beauty

I have a few weird OCD beauty compulsions or "quirks" that no one really knows about. I always apply face wash before wetting my face, buy a new toothbrush once a week, and always rinse my hair in cold water at the end of my shower. However, one thing I'm not compulsive enough about is washing my makeup brushes religiously (though I'm a germaphobe), which is imperative to keep your skin clear. I tend to either completely forget this important step (until I remember all at once that I haven't washed them in a few weeks), or I just get too lazy and keep putting it off. The Zadro UV Disinfection Scanner might be the answer to my beauty hygiene issue. Just a quick swipe over items renders them germ-free. suggests using it for disinfecting toothbrushes and contact lens solution, but just think of all the possibilities (computer keys, telephone, even pens and pencils). Just don't try to use it on the subway- people might think you're a little too "quirky."

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