Sunday, November 8, 2009

Lumberjack Lady

In my opinion flannel shirts being "in style" is literally cause for celebration, because I can finally find ones outside of a vintage store or my father's closet. Kind of like when it became socially acceptable for a moment to wear hideous yet incredibly comfortable fleece slippers (aka Uggs & Emus) in public. Wearing a flannel shirt under a winter jacket is akin to being able to wear pajamas outside (it's that cozy). Though some flannel shirts can look baggy and unflattering, the flannel shirt on the right from the Gap is a perfect menswear-ish fit and priced under $50. The Beast and I share it. If you want something a little more interesting color-wise check out FSC on Rivington between Bowery and Chrystie for the nicest selection of plaid shirts in the city. Be sure to steer clear of anything that is a wanna-be-flannel (meaning plaid cotton shirts that are made to resemble flannel), it will just make you look like a frat boy and defeat the entire purpose of being warm.

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