Sunday, November 1, 2009

Horror Film Inspired Items: Happy Halloween!!

I hope that everyone had a happy Halloween!! I threw a party in Chelsea last night with guests that included Amy Winehouse, Fidel Castro, Sid Vicious and Nancy, and Olive Oyl. Below are three of my favorite horror-movie-inspired beauty products:

1.) Suspiria: This classic 70's Italian horror flick about a creepy ballet school has the most stunning Art Nouveau scenery (think pink
silk couches, stained glass windows, and tromp l'oeil wallpaper) and nail-biting score. If this film had a scent it would be Lipstick Rose by Frederic Malle (feminine in severe European ballerina kind of way with a hint of sensuality and intrigue).

2.) The Haunting: This horror film from 1963 is a testament to the camera as sole creato
r of suspense (you won't find any gore or gratuitous special-effects here, just incredible camera work that will keep you riveted). The narrative follows an Anthropologist and a group of subjects who take up residence in Hill House to determine whether it is really haunted. The character of Theo (an elegant feline-ish lesbian with ESP) with the best cat-eye black liner around is played flawlessly by Claire Bloom. With Nars Eyeliner Stylo you too can achieve the perfect Theo-esque cat-eye.

3.) Rosemary's Baby: Roman Polanski's spooky satanic gem about a young wife who moves into a new apartment building and becomes a pawn in cultish rituals, is one of the most stylish classics to date. A pixie-ish Mia Farrow wears some of the most adorable baby-doll dresses and has the most flawless porcelain complexion. Fake flawlessness yourself with Armani's Sheer Blush in Pale Raspberry (perfect for luminous cheekbones).

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Disclaimer: I have tried all these beauty products on the beauty floor at Barney's and Saks- a perfect place to test-drive new products before you purchase.

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