Sunday, October 4, 2009

Rachel Zoe Sighting in Chelsea

While I was on my daily High Line pilgrimage to get pumpkin gelato at Chelsea Market, I spotted the always-glamorous Rachel Zoe with Rodger on her arm (who incidentally was sporting the coolest looking auburn highlights-he has the best guy hair). She was wearing a black long-sleeved jumpsuit that I need to own (similar to the one seen here) with gold bangles and heels. She looked beautiful, chic, elegant, and happy. Now if you are a fan of hers then you definitely need to subscribe to her daily newsletter at It includes fashion, accessory, and beauty picks that are spot-on, and if she reviews an expensive item then she always makes sure to include a cheaper "parallel universe" (i.e. wallet friendly) alternative. Reading it is the best form of fashionista procrastination that there is.

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