Sunday, October 18, 2009

Bevy of Bubbles: Les Bulles D'Agathe

Maison Francis Kurkdjian (a perfumer responsible for some amazingly popular scented creations that you probably didn't even know were his) has come up with the next new wave scentsation. His petite bubble wands perfumed with either Cut Herbs, Cold Mint, or Pear, have turned a beloved childhood activity into something decidedly chic and adult. As you are probably already know, bubbles have had a Renaissance rebirth lately due to the fashion-stylings of none other than Lady Gaga and an infamous bubble dress. However, you probably weren't aware that blowing bubbles has recently become the chic and whimsical European equivalent to throwing rice at weddings (according to an in-the-know Parisian source). Whether you want to blow bubbles on the streets of New York City or in the privacy of your own Jacquzzi tub is up to you, but at $20 a bottle who can resist such a simple pleasure?

Full Disclosure: I just ordered a bottle of Cold Mint off the Neiman Marcus website.

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