Sunday, October 25, 2009

Everything's Coming up Roses

There's been a rose craze recently that's been sweeping the beauty and fashion world. Vogue just featured a wonderful article about unusual products incorporating the romantic flower (check out the By Terry blush made from crushed petals). It seems that rose is having a rebirth of sorts and has finally burst forth from its cliche as old-fashioned and boring. New rose incarnations in both beauty and style are decidedly fresh and youthful. Below are my three favorite rose-inspired items for autumn:

1.) Le Labo Rose 31 Detergent by The Laundress: This luscious rendition of a rose scent for your clothing and linens is a true aphrodisiac (men love it), yet it's never cloying or heavy-handed (you won't offend anyone on the subway). It's the scentsual equivalent of Amy Adams' character in Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day: a touch light and frothy but endlessly charming and elegant. (Get it at

2.) Aris Geldis Swarovski Bracelet in Rose: This stunning bracelet (the photo doesn't do it justice) is the perfect blush hue for autumn. Remarkably glimmery and so Marilyn Monroe, it will make you feel like you're wearing a wrist-full of pink diamonds without the outrageous price tag. (Get it at

3.) Boudicca Purse in Digital Floral: On Fashion's Night Out I enjoyed a glass of white wine at the Elizabeth Charles Boutique in the Meatpacking District and simultaneously fell in love with this purse. The rose pattern is stunning in a dark and muted palette that feels completely sophisticated. There is also a diaphanous scarf with the same print. (Get it at

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Fall Folliage: Weekend Activity

I've recently seen a bunch of advertisements for the NY Botanical Garden's Fall Japanese Garden display, and it looks extraordinarily beautiful. This recreation of a traditional Japanese garden features a variety of gorgeous mauve and mustard chrysanthemums as well as black pines and Scarlet Maples. It's the perfect way to celebrate the brilliance of fall foliage. They also have a fun shop that is perfect for picking up season-appropriate hostess gifts, like this chic set of Granny Smith plates that are only $15.

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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Bevy of Bubbles: Les Bulles D'Agathe

Maison Francis Kurkdjian (a perfumer responsible for some amazingly popular scented creations that you probably didn't even know were his) has come up with the next new wave scentsation. His petite bubble wands perfumed with either Cut Herbs, Cold Mint, or Pear, have turned a beloved childhood activity into something decidedly chic and adult. As you are probably already know, bubbles have had a Renaissance rebirth lately due to the fashion-stylings of none other than Lady Gaga and an infamous bubble dress. However, you probably weren't aware that blowing bubbles has recently become the chic and whimsical European equivalent to throwing rice at weddings (according to an in-the-know Parisian source). Whether you want to blow bubbles on the streets of New York City or in the privacy of your own Jacquzzi tub is up to you, but at $20 a bottle who can resist such a simple pleasure?

Full Disclosure: I just ordered a bottle of Cold Mint off the Neiman Marcus website.

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A Little Glitz and Glamour

If you don't have the budget to justify splurging on a diamond or emerald bauble but feel like adding a little dash of glitz and glamour, check out the cosmetics line by jeweler Belmacz. Have a peek at the bio of the porcelain-skinned German designer Julia Muggenburg (her Edwardian topaz-colored satin pants are to die for). She fuses her love for anthropology and art in ornate and spunky redefinitions of traditional jewelry-box fare. The chic cosmetics line with an Art Deco aesthetic incorporates gold leaf and crushed pearls to create luminous powders, lip glosses, and facial balms. My favorite product in the line is Halo (a moisturizing balm made with gold flecks and pearls) that I tried at a friend's house. It can be used to accentuate cheekbones or the cupid's bow. It's subtle yet elegant, smells like rosewater, and it's perfect for holiday cocktail parties or candlelit dinners.

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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Birthday Party Idea: Artisan Cannolis

If you're looking for a treat to serve at your next birthday party, office gathering, Halloween party, or gallery opening, then head down to the Lower East Side to discover the perfect alternative to the Magnolia cupcake. On Stanton Street Between Clinton and Attorney there's a newly opened shop called Stuffed Artisan Cannolis that has reinvented the traditional Italian dessert in a modern and whimsical fashion. Mini cannolis with inventive fillings like pumpkin, cappuccino, and mint chocolate chip abound. Or, if you want to get a little more adventurous, try the electric green pistachio, red licorice, or root beer float flavors (children's birthday parties just got a whole lot cooler). Check out their adorable bright pink and yellow website with a row of cannolis at the bottom that you can scroll over to view the flavors and pics.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Get Cozy: Cure Insomnia

So I decided to watch the Dr. Oz Show yesterday, and he had a whole segment about how bad sleep deprivation is and ways to curtail bad sleep habits: I break all the rules of sleep etiquette (I work in my bedroom, I check my email right before bed, I have ton of appliances blinking all night in my room, and I never go to sleep at the same time). The only thing that I seem to do correctly is that I read before bed. There are three books though that I have found work better than even Tylenol PM at helping me to fall asleep. They are relaxing and comforting and help me to forget about the stresses of the day. So get in bed, turn on your reading lamp, and get cozy (just don't fall asleep with the light on).

1.) Winter Story by Jill Barklem: The most charming and beautifully illustrated bedtime story that will transport you to the cozy English countryside. In this selection from the Brambley Hedge series the mice prepare for an elegant Snow Ball in an Ice Palace. (Available on

2.) Hot Drinks with recipes by Louise Pickford and photos by William Lingwood: This charming recipe book is the perfect alternative to a mug of warm milk before bed. It has gorgeous photos, and it will have you dreaming of delicious concoctions like the Turkish Delight Frothy with rosewater, cardamom, and honey, Hot Buttered Rum, and Monsieur St Disdiers' Chocolate with cinnamon and vanilla bean. (Available on

3.) Jacques Torres' A Year in Chocolate: Last night instead of having anxiety dreams about my art history exam, I dreamt of luscious Pumpkin Seed Brittle and decadent chocolate bonbons. Jacques Torres will be at Chelsea Market tomorrow starting at 3:30 pm doing a book signing at Posman's.

Pleasant dreams readers!
xo Beauty

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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Rachel Zoe Sighting in Chelsea

While I was on my daily High Line pilgrimage to get pumpkin gelato at Chelsea Market, I spotted the always-glamorous Rachel Zoe with Rodger on her arm (who incidentally was sporting the coolest looking auburn highlights-he has the best guy hair). She was wearing a black long-sleeved jumpsuit that I need to own (similar to the one seen here) with gold bangles and heels. She looked beautiful, chic, elegant, and happy. Now if you are a fan of hers then you definitely need to subscribe to her daily newsletter at It includes fashion, accessory, and beauty picks that are spot-on, and if she reviews an expensive item then she always makes sure to include a cheaper "parallel universe" (i.e. wallet friendly) alternative. Reading it is the best form of fashionista procrastination that there is.

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It May Smell Like Salad...

but it works! Ladi Avokanto by Greek skincare brand Sponge is like a vitamin infusion for your face. The Sponge brand that implores you to "love nature" on their website harnesses the moisturizing power of olive oil in its simple yet effective range of products. Ladi Avokanto, which has a combination of vitamin D, vitamin E, olive leaf, and avocado gives your skin an incredible glow, and when I applied it before bed it actually healed two acne scars that had lingered a bit too long. It does have a bit of a salady-smell, but it is actually kind of pleasant and subtle (like freshly washed mesclun).

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