Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Having a Jean Arthur Moment

The other night I rented the romantic screwball comedy Easy Living (1937) with the bubbly blonde Jean Arthur. In the film a gorgeous fur coat falls from the sky onto the head of Jean Arthur as she rides on the double-decker bus to get to work. This stroke of luck sets off a chain of events where Arthur ends up ensconced in a penthouse apartment complete with a glittering chandelier and a bathtub/fountain that's reminiscent of Versailles. The film is really fun, and it has one of the best "food-fight" scenes in cinema that takes place in an automat. Anyway, I got to thinking what I would do if I had a Jean Arthur moment and all of a sudden I could have whatever material thing my heart desired. Incidentally, when told that she can have whatever she wants, Arthur chooses among other things two sheep dogs! Besides a Valentino gown, opulent floral arrangements daily, and a diamond-encrusted bicycle, I would have to opt for a pair of these elegant leather Over The Knee Wrap Boots from Chloe. They would be absolutely perfect for fall, and I could wear them around Chelsea while riding my new bicycle (with training wheels of course).

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Anonymous said...

Dearest Beauty, Would you like me to teach you how to ride a bike so you could lose the training wheels?