Sunday, September 27, 2009

Beauty Brand Mogul

I just watched a VH1 segment on the fabulous life of the beauty mogul Jerrod Blandino, the face behind the cosmetics brand Two Faced. He's kind of like a male version of a modern-day Auntie Mame in all of her materialistic splendor. Not only does he make trips to the jewelry store to pick up diamond necklaces for his toy dog "London" (what a chic pet name), but he also gets dermatological house-calls (his skin is flawless and ageless), and he has a dizzying array of classic Chanel handbags. His beauty brand is similarly stylish and aesthetically-pleasing, and the cosmetics have cheeky names like "Boy Toy" and "George and Weezie" eye shadows. I'm particularly loving the makeup palettes that have some of the most beautiful and creative packaging designs (think Marie Antoinette in neon). Plus, they are affordable and get high ratings on Sephora's website. Who wouldn't want to look French and Fabulous?!

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