Sunday, August 9, 2009

Sperry Gets Stylish

I've seen a bunch of really glamorous girls wearing boat shoes with skirts and dresses for the past two summers in a decidedly unpreppy way. The other day while on a shopping trip to pick up cologne at Jeffrey, I saw a whole row of suede Sperry Top-Siders for $110 in great colors like teal and cafe au lait. I decided to try them on and was surprised how incredibly comfortable they are. They actually give your foot some support and have a real sole unlike the flimsy ballet shoes that I've been wearing around all summer. Additionally, they don't make me look like I have giant feet (like Converse tend to do). I'm deciding between these three colors. Which one do you think that I should go with?


Sarah Alice said...


Christopher said...

blue, of course!

sandybeach said...

Definitely the blue! It is summery yet will carry you into fall. Plus it's an unexpected color in topsiders.