Sunday, August 23, 2009

Luxury Rain Gear

I've been getting caught in the rain quite a lot lately. This is probably due to the fact that it has rained nearly every day this summer, and I have a tendency to carry around cheap umbrellas that I either lose or break. Today I actually got caught in a sun shower on my way home from grocery shopping. I've been really reluctant to invest in a good-quality umbrella, because I am prone to losing them constantly on the floor of cabs, in restaurants, and at the movie theater. However, cheap umbrellas just don't seem to hold up to the constant influx of rain we've been getting. While I doubt that I'll actually end up purchasing any of these luxe rainy weather items, in a perfect rainy world or if I win the lotto I would be the proud owner of these glamorous Jimmy Choo rain boots (created from a collaboration between Choo and Hunter), this gorgeous rococo-ish/goth chandelier umbrella by Jean-Paul Gaultier (from Blue Tree), and this Fornasetti umbrella stand (from 1stdibs) to house it in.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Beauty, I think you should definitely splurge on a quality umbrella. Expensive umbrellas are like expensive pens; once you own one you never lose it (or lend it)!