Sunday, June 21, 2009

For the Indecisive Sort

While some people have no problems making decisions, there are those of us who find it incredibly difficult to decide what type of yogurt to buy in the grocery store or what movie to rent on a Saturday night. I usually fall into the second category. While I will occasionally know exactly what I want (like a Tazo Chai Latte at Starbucks or a Marc Jacobs dress that I can't afford) there are definitely other times when I waver and ruminate over certain decisions. In those trying times, now (thanks to my friend's recommendation) I have Hunch to come to my rescue. With a huge range of questions including the ever-popular "What should I wear today?" and the more obscure "Which coffee table book should I buy?" Hunch has got you covered and it gets smarter the more that you use it. Beauty addicts can seek counsel as well with topics such as "What's the best sunscreen for me?" and other burning questions.

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