Sunday, April 12, 2009

For April Showers:

1.) Hunter Rain Boots: Usually I despise rain boots (they make me look like I have clown feet ), but these are surprisingly foot-flattering, and the cheerful floral pattern is reminiscent of an English garden.

2.) Sprinkles Cupcake Mixes: April is a perfect month for baking, since all the rain will keep you indoors. Whip up a batch of bake-shop-perfect Banana and Red Velvet cupcakes to beat the rainy-day-blues.

3.) Love By Kilian: Spring is the perfect time to fall in love, and go on a romantic long walk through Central Park. This marshmallow-inspired scent has a subtle delicacy and femininity that conjures up images of pink and gold Rococo drawing rooms. There's also an Eloise-at-the-Plaza youthful innocence to it that I love.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Beauty where can you get that scent you mentioned Love by Kilian?
Is there any place where you can get a sample or a whiff?

Beauty in Chelsea said...

You can try tiny samples at
xo beauty