Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Hipster-Girl Intimidation Factor

You know those girls that you encounter in bars or draped languidly on couches at parties, who look like they stepped right out of a photo shoot for Nylon or p. 52 of this month's New York Magazine? Girls who didn't pay a cent for the amazing clothing they're wearing (they either got it at a Vogue-esque clothing swap party or sewed it themselves). Girls who are so resourceful and fashiony that a pigeon feather becomes a chic hair accessory when stuck in their chignons. Girls who actually look pretty with bangs and whose boots are impeccably scuffed. These girls intimidate me, but they are also a source of endless fascination. How do they pull it off so flawlessly, and more importantly who designs their clothes? Chrissie Miller's designs for her fashion line Sophomore are the way to go if you don't want to look like a raging yuppie in a bar full of beautiful girls. These dresses are comfortable and feminine. I want both of them in every color, and they will tide me over until Topshop finally opens.

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