Sunday, January 4, 2009

Summer Camp Chic

When I was starting junior high school I went to a hippie "arts" camp upstate for the summer. All in all it was a very enlightening experience. At this camp not only did you not have to participate in anything unless you wanted to, but the counselors were constantly on "magic mushrooms," and the choices of activities included glass-blowing, DJing, and interpretive dance. There were no sports offered, and the most popular guy at camp was an obese cellist who dressed in all black. During that summer I accomplished a number of things: I made a sculpture of a turtle, I learned how to weld metal, and I realized that I absolutely hate camp. Most importantly though, I learned how to make lanyard jewelry (specifically ankle bracelets and key chains). I was especially proud of this skill, and when I returned to school in the fall I proudly displayed my creations to my envious classmates. These neon Unification Bracelets by Sabrina Dehoff remind me of my summer camp crafts (a really elegant version that is), they are totally apropos for spring's nautical-chic looks, and they're fun and whimsical in a hippie "arts" camp kind of way.

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