Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Channeling Yves Klein

Design team Boudicca's new creation Wode Paint, a heady animalistic scent comprised of notes of earthy sage, spicy cardamom, black hemlock, leather, tree sap, and a touch of tuberose, is housed in a spray-paint-can-esque bottle, and is emblematic of a revolution in the art of perfumery. When sprayed on clothing or the body the fine mist released from the bottle dyes skin and fabric a vibrant yet ephemeral 'International Klein Blue.' Touted as an "art fragrance" on the Lucky Scent website, this innovative creation is meant to invoke the war paint donned by the ancient Queen Boadicea as she advanced into battle. However, when I watched the video on Boudicca's website, I was instantly reminded of the French artist Yves Klein's Anthropometry series, in which female models were covered in blue paint and then rolled upon the canvas, leaving an indelible imprint of their naked bodies. This was done in front of an audience, and the performance was captured in photographs. The concept behind Boudicca's Wode fragrance seems to propose a Kleinean idea of the female body as living canvas, and interestingly, just as the Anthropometry series was an ephemeral happening whose trace is captured on the canvas, when Wode is sprayed onto the skin the color eventually fades to obsolescence leaving a trace of lasting scent in its wake.

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Anonymous said...

very cool, but it looks an awful lot like mud wrestling to me... now that would really evoke earthy tones and scents.