Sunday, December 14, 2008

Opposites Attract: When Perfume Lovers Date Perfume Haters

What happens when you adore drenching yourself in Chanel No. 5, and your boyfriend absolutely can't stand the smell? What if your very perfumed presence is enough to induce a coughing fit in the aforementioned beau, but you simply can't give up your addiction to Fracas? A compromise is in order girls, because perfume should entice rather than repel the object of your affection. You shouldn't have to give up your right to smell like a rose petal, you just don't need to smell like an entire exotic bouquet, if you get my drift. Here are a few toned-down options:

1.) Try a lightly perfumed body lotion instead (rub it onto your pulse points where you would normally apply perfume): International Orange Enrich Body Cream with bergamot peel and tuberose petal smells faintly like a freshly-peeled clementine. Hampton Sun After Sun Moisturizer, with chamomile, green tea, and almond, has an addictive yet subtle wildflowers-in-a-meadow scent that is almost impossible to dislike.

2.) Opt for light-weight summer fragrances: Instead of wearing a heavy winter perfume, choose bright green, citrus, or light floral scents. Rather than spraying a fine mist and stepping into it, instead spray one direct spritz on your wrist, and press your wrist to each pulse point to distribute the fragrance (you're boyf will only be able to smell it when he comes really close to you). Try
Bobbi Brown's Almost Bare Fragrance, with violet, jasmine, and amber, or i Profumi di Firenze's Brezza di Mare, with notes of sicilian lemon, watermelon, and sea salt.

3.) Use a Body Spray:
Jane Iredale's POM Mist with antioxidant rich pomegranate extract is a complexion clearing facial spritz, but I also like to spritz it on my neck and wrists in lieu of perfume. The smell is really vibrant and reminiscent of laundry drying in the sun but not at all perfumey.

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