Friday, December 26, 2008

Holiday Detox

The food this Christmas was amazing, and I was definitely guilty of over-indulging. By the end of the meal the table looked like a Pieter Claesz still life! After a large dinner on Christmas Eve, I had a big serving of a traditional English Christmas Pudding that is doused in cognac and then lit on fire. It was served with a generous scoop of creamy Brandy Butter. Then on Christmas day after enjoying ham, turkey, vegetables, and stuffing, I had about 8 different kinds of cookies including gingerbread men, saltine toffee delights, and butter cookies, and then I ate a large piece of Chestnut Yule Log Cake. Needless to say, I've packed on a little winter weight and my skin is exhibiting the aftermath of ingesting too much sugar (ie: breakouts). For my holiday detox I've begun drinking about 5 cups of tea a day (alternating between green and white) and have been snacking on dried fruits and nuts instead of reaching for left-over Christmas cookies. My favorite dried fruit snacks are the Double Red Grapefruit Slices and Pink Lady Apples from Meduri World Delight. They are so deliciously addictive and healthful, and my skin is already getting back in shape. I mix them with a handful of hazelnuts or stir them into a cup of plain yogurt. What are some of your holiday detox secrets? Share them in the comments section.

photo credit dried fruits:
photo credit still life: Pieter Claesz, Tabletop Still Life with Mince Pie and Basket of Grapes, 1625, oil on panel, Private Collection. [http://www.nga.gove/press/exh/217/index.shtm]

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holidaytimes said...

For detox I chew on crystallized ginger and sip Itoen pu-erh longevity tea!