Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Chace Crawford and I Use the Same Dry Cleaner

OK, so the other day I decided it was time to take in some of my dry cleaning. Since I was only walking a block away I decided there was no reason to put on any makeup or brush my hair, so I bundled up in my winter coat, put on my ear muffs underneath my hood (all my fashion sense goes out the window when it's cold), wrapped a scarf around my face and neck, and donned my fingerless gloves. There's no way I'll run into anyone I know I reasoned, so there's no need to look nice. No sooner did I set foot inside the dry cleaner with a Barney's shopping bag overflowing with items badly in need of dry cleaning (I can't seem to remember to buy a laundry bag), then out of the corner of my eye I spotted a hottie picking up his dry cleaning. At first I thought he was just a model, but on closer inspection (by slyly gazing at his reflection in the mirror since his back was turned to me), I realized that it was actually Chace Crawford. I was almost as embarassed as the time last summer when I nearly ran over Stephanie Seymour's stiletto-heeled foot with my old lady shopping cart. I gasped audibly, and then in an attempt to play it cool, I busied myself with sorting through my stained laundry while intermittently catching glimpses of him in the mirror. Anyway, after this occurrence not only do I dress up when I go to the dry cleaners, but I also find any excuse that I can to go (short of purposely spilling things on my clothing). I also fantasize (sadly) about all kinds of laundry small-talk we could have together, like maybe he doesn't already know that Snuggle makes an awesome new Sweet Almond Essence Creme fabric softener and other such interesting tidbits.

P.S.: Check out this photo of the boys in Chelsea!!! Though it's credited as being take in Soho, they're actually on 23rd street walking from 9th Ave. towards 8th Ave.

photo credit Chace Crawford:
photo credit Snuggle:


Anonymous said...

oh my gosh that post made me smile. weird things like that happen to me too...(except i dont bump into celebrities) but you go out with no make up ad hair pulled back thinking you wont see anyone and bump into your ex or someone similar!!
Which dry cleaners did you go to??
I wouldnt have thought he did his own clothes!!

Beauty in Chelsea said...

I can totally relate. There's one ex who I bump into almost once a week! I go to the dry cleaners on 9th ave between 24th and 25th. It's a total hole-in-the-wall. Rumors are swirling on Gawker that he's moving out b/c Westwick is too messy, so my days of Chace sightings may be numbered.
xo beauty