Monday, November 17, 2008

Planet-Friendly Makeup Palette

In an attempt to streamline my daily routine, I recently purchased this Wildflower Makeup Palette by Josie Maran. I read in Vogue or Elle that Maran's line of planet-friendly beauty products are perfect for creating a fresh-faced no-makeup look, and this palette definitely did not disappoint. All the eye shadows and blushes leave a subtle wash of color and are easily build-able for night-time-glam looks. It also takes much less time to apply makeup with this palette, because you don't have to waste time fishing around in your cosmetic's bag for each separate product. When my mother asked me to do her makeup for a Greek wedding that she was attending, I whipped out my Josie Maran palette and did a complete day-to-evening look in under 10 minutes. She was thrilled with the beautiful results! She noshed on grape leaves and danced the night away with abandon (My-Big-Fat-Greek-Wedding-style), while her makeup remained firmly in place with nary a smudge or any creasing in sight! The palette is completely versatile, is perfect for all skin types (even sensitive or blemish-prone), works well for different complexions (my mother is olive while I am very fair), and is wonderful for all ages.

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