Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Found It: Stylish Down Coats

You might be asking yourself, "Does such a thing actually exist?" I was also skeptical that down coats could actually be tailored-looking and pretty. I found a black down coat with a mink collar, the closest that I had ever come to finding a stylish down coat, 5 years ago on sale at Searle and have been wearing it every winter ever since. It's black, so it doesn't show much wear, and more importantly it keeps me incredibly warm without looking like I'm walking around in a sleeping bag. Thankfully, this season designers seem to have taken an interest in making over the traditional down coat into a truly wearable and tailored winter must-have.
Now, I know that Moncler's ski coats are all the rage at Barney's and modelesque fashionistas are traipsing around the meatpacking district in belted black versions feeling all self satisfied with how warm and glamorous they look, but I'm interested in the more affordable down coats that won't cost you an entire month's rent. This
Pample Mousse Jacket in Jet Black is the opposite of its frumpy predecessors. It's as chic as any Moncler (minus the tacky brand logo) and will keep you just as warm. The banded hem and cuffs give it a pulled-together look, and it's actually surprisingly slimming. (Shocking for a down coat!) I also love the figure-flattering belt and the fact that it features 7 pockets, perfect for carrying around your holiday shopping lists! Plus, it's majorly on sale (we're talking $595 to $149!) If you're in the market for a coat that's not black and has a runway couture vibe, then this muted pewter cocoon-style down coat from Joie is an ideal choice (full disclosure: I own it). The color is stunning and unique, and it is incredibly warm but surprisingly lightweight and not at all bulky. The hood is ideal for snow storms, and the smocking effect at the bodice is really feminine and pretty. This coat is currently on sale at Barney's Co-op, reduced from $448 to $289. photo credit Pample Mousse Jacket in Black: photo credit Joie Puffer Coat in Silver:

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