Thursday, October 30, 2008

My Father's Acqua di Parma Collection

My father is an expert on many things: Freud, Pink's shirts, the Chelsea Football Club, and the band Smush. However, a little known fact about my father the professor is that he is the expert on, and the owner of, what may possibly be the largest collection of Acqua di Parma products out there. I've always known that he takes stock in a well groomed appearance, since he dresses in immaculately tailored suits and elegant inlaid cufflinks every morning when he heads off to lecture at the Fashion Institute, but I never knew about his secret stash of Acqua di Parma until recently. Though his ostensible reason for coveting is that the products "smell good," I tend to think that they remind him of his Italian roots. Being a beauty-product afficinado of sorts, I always try to find an A di P product that he's never heard of before. Usually, not only has he heard of the product, but he also has it prominently displayed in his medicine cabinet. However, I think I may have found three items from the line that he might not actually be familiar with yet.

1.) Acqua di Parma's Colonia Intensa Shampoo and Shower Gel contains the same great fragrance as the traditional cologne spray, so it will definitely appeal to A di P traditionalists. The genius of this product is that it has the added convenience of a two-in-one, reducing shower time considerably. The packaging is masculine and appealingly minimalist as well.

2.) Acqua di Parma Colonia Exfoliating Cleanser is part of the men's shaving line and comes in the iconic brown packaging that denotes the Collezione Barbiere. The scent is traditional and clean, and the grains are large enough to really clean pores. It's also especially useful for preventing ingrown hairs pre-shave.

3.) This ebony cube candle imprinted with Acqua di Parma lettering and the coat of arms is the epitome of masculine refinement. It reminds me of something an Italian aristocrat would have burning in his mahogany study. Infused with the Colonia scent, it burns for hours on end and creates a stately and regal ambiance.

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