Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Make Your Living Room Smell Like a French Patisserie

Last February I wrote about my desire to visit the renowned Parisian tearoom Laduree and sample their delectable sweets. Well, recently I've discovered a new way to emulate the Laduree experience, this time with scent. French designer Jacques Garcia, who is responsible for the elaborately chic interior of the Parisian tea salon as well as the decoration of the exclusive Hotel Costes, has come out with his own line of room sprays, housed in chic royal blue bottles topped with jet black tassels. His deep Bronze Myrrh scent, with epicurean notes of pepper, cinnamon, cardamom, and saffron as well as a hint of leather, conjures up images of the warm elegance of the tearoom where well-dressed patrons sip smoky cups of Lapsang Suochong. Coupled with the scent of French perfumery brand Esteban's scented candle Tarte et Chocolat, I am literally transported into a Parisian fantasy of tea and pastries.

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