Thursday, October 9, 2008

Fall Florals

Florals aren't just apropos for the spring and summer months. Below is my list of fall florals divided into the following categories: covetable (for the luxury item that you wish you could afford), considerable (for the splurge-worthy item that you would consider saving up for), and claimable (for the affordable item that can give you instant gratification). Indulging in a floral purchase during the chillier months will lift your spirits, as it portends the spring and summer blossoms that are yet to come.

1.) Covetable: Renauld Pellegrino's Flower and Leaf Applique Clutch is the most exquisite cocktail party accessory imaginable. An homage to a meadow of wildflowers, the exterior of the clutch is covered in delicate lavender petals while the interior is lined in a luxurious scarlet satin. This item is available at the exclusive Harrod's boutique in London.

2.) Considerable: Alexis Bittar's Organic Antique Floral Wallpaper Bangle has a gently blurred and muted quality, as though you are glimpsing it at the bottom of a pool of water. Delicately feminine, there is something exquisitely chic and understated about this lucite bangle, whose pattern is reminiscent of a rambling English garden.

3.) Claimable: Chanel's Gardenia Perfume is the most luscious and youthful floral fragrance. Originally created in the '20's as a collaboration between Coco Chanel and perfumer Ernest Beaux, there is a timeless elegance to this scent. Composed of light and airy white flowers with a hint of fresh cream, Gardenia conjures up images of fresh-faced F. Scott Fitzgerald-era flappers bedecked in strands of pearls and drop-waisted lace dresses.

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