Friday, October 3, 2008

Exceptionally Comfortable Shoes

I hate shoe shopping, because the shoes that I like are never comfortable on my feet. Inevitably I end up buying a pair of heels that look great but feel awful and either never wear them or only wear them when I'm sure that I won't have to walk a lot. The fact is that I like walking a lot better than any other form of transportation, so when I do go out I often walk to my destination or walk home. I need a shoe that will look nice but won't give me blisters if I walk more than 3 blocks. Giraudon's pint-sized shop in Chelsea (blink and you'll miss it) has an array of leather heels, boots, and flats that are incredibly comfortable and chic. There's something very Parisian-cobbler about them. Also, they are extremely durable, and the pair that I have has lasted for more than 6 years. Whether I'm traipsing over cobble stones in the West Village or running for a bus, my feet never hurt when I wear this brand. Right now I'm loving some of the styles featured on their website, like this Caramel Leather Mary Jane Platform and this Double Buckle T-Strap Heel. Both of these styles are available at

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Anonymous said...

ooh i like those shoes! I just went to the website. what about some boots, camilla? I need new short brown boots...where should I look?

Beauty in Chelsea said...

hey Sars! Your question inspired my latest post on low ankle boots.
xo beauty