Thursday, September 25, 2008

Go Faux

Do you love the look of sumptuous furs, sexy snake skin, and curve-hugging leather but hate the indisputable animal cruelty factor? The answer is to go faux. You can have the luxury without the guilt, and these imitators are much less expensive than their real counterparts. See if you can figure out which of the items shown (trapper hat, purse, and leggings) are real, and which are faux. The answers are down at the bottom of the post, so no peeking!

Answers (& photo credits):

1.) Hats: The Fur Ear Flap Pom Pom Hat in brown is actually faux and can be found at It retails for about $37. The white fur hat is Blue Fox fur from a
nd retails for $199.

2.) Purses: The bright silver purse is Chanel. It's crafted from leather, featured on, and retails for an obscene amount of money. The gray handbag is an Urban Expressions Snake Skin Woven Tote made from synthetic leather, and it retails for $58 in black, cream, and brown on

3.) Leggings: The leggings on the model shod in heels are Helmet Lang Leather Skinny Pants retailing for $875 on The leggings on the barefoot model are American Apparel Shiny Leggings in black eel. They are actually fashioned from Polyester and are insanely comfortable for your legs and your wallet, since they are priced at a mere $42 on

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Anonymous said...

ooh I like the faux fur hat AND the leggings. I need a hat like that for boston...not so much the leggings but I like to keep it real up here.