Thursday, September 4, 2008

Art-Historically-Inspired Candles

These art-historically-inspired candles by Cire Trudon (which became the candle manufacturer for the royal family in 1719) with names like Odalisque, Roi Soleil, and Dada, are a perfect edition to any art lover's home. When burned, the scents of these elegant green glass candles will transport you to another era. Odalisque is my favorite scent of the group. It incorporates notes of orange blossom and vanilla to evoke the dream-like romanticism of Ingres' orientalist painting, and its universal appeal is ideal for a living room. The Louis XIV-inspired creation Roi Soleil is meant to transport you to the "Mirror Gallery" at Versailles with the essence of rich tree bark and smoky candle wax tempered by shimmering citrus accents. Its coziness is perfectly appropriate for a library or study. The third candle, a "scentual" homage to the Dada movement, is a leafy melange of mint, tea, vetiver, and eucalyptus intended to stimulate and simultaneously "confuse" the senses in a "surrealist" manner. I think it is fitting for a bedroom, since I find that it recalls the calming and luscious scent of a greenhouse in mid-summer. You can view and purchase these candles at Aedes De Venustas.

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