Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Accent Piece: Ornate Telephones

I've decided for the first time in a long time that I need to get a land line once I move into my new apartment. Besides the fact that people often can't hear/understand me when I speak on my cell, I think that it's probably just a good idea in general to get a regular telephone. There's something very adult about having a land line, and I figure that since I'm officially 5 years away from thirty it's probably best that I start at least pretending to act like an adult. Since my apartment is going to be furnished in the modern style with large-scale colorful paintings adorning the walls, I like the idea of throwing in a colorful rococo-ish ornamented telephone as a kooky accent piece. I'm especially loving this Impero Verde model, which would look perfectly at home in a Jean-Francois de Troy Regency-era cabinet picture (pretending they had telephones back then), and this Cloisonee Butterfly model is so deliciously gaudy with the bright gold accents and the pattern reminiscent of Hermes fine china. Lastly, this Royal Majestic model looks like something you'd find on a Greek shipping heir's yacht, and I'm enamored with its art-deco/neoclassical appearance.

photo credit Impero Verde & Royal Majestic: http://www.telephoneteca.com
photo credit Cloisonee Butterfly: http://www.ebay.com
photo credit painting: Jean-Francois de Troy, Reading From Moliere, c. 1728, oil on canvas.

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