Sunday, August 10, 2008

Just Like Magic

Recently I ran out of my trusty tag team of beauty products I had been religiously using on my forehead wrinkle, and because I'm fickle and like to try new things I decided not to repurchase them even though they had been working very well. I reasoned maybe there was something out there that would give me even better more transformative results, so I headed over to my local Ricky's. I think that I have found what may be categorized as my favorite beauty product ever: Frownies. Now, I love Frownies for many reasons, the top three being that: 1.) They are easy to use, 2.) You get results overnight that continue to improve over time, and 3.) They WORK! Plus, they are under $20. Frownies are brown triangles which you moisten with water and then affix to the wrinkle that you want to get rid of. You wear them overnight and awaken to NO WRINKLE! I don't know how they do it, but just like magic your wrinkle disappears (no magician, magic wand, or white rabbit needed).

photo credit rabbit in hat:
photo credit frownies:

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