Sunday, August 17, 2008

Gidget Glow

The beach bunny Gidget always had the perfect ten tan. To replicate her sun-kissed skin minus the damaging UV rays, I turn to two faux-glow products that deliver flawless results for my fair skin. First I exfoliate, and then I apply a thin layer of Clarins' Delicious Self-Tanning Cream to my face and body. This moisturizing cafe-au-lait-colored tanner is the consistency of chocolate pudding and contains real cocoa extracts to nourish and hydrate the skin. The colored formula allows for a goof-proof application, and it is literally the only tanner I've ever tried which doesn't leave a single streak!! It blends so perfectly that it looks completely natural, like you've spent the day surfing and soaking up some rays. The only drawback is that it takes a good 40 minutes to air-dry. However, I've found that a hair dryer can drastically speed up the drying process. I apply the tanner before going to bed and wake up the next morning with a caramel-colored tan. I then apply a pea-sized amount of YSL's Voile de Soleil Tinted Veil Tan Booster to cheeks and the bridge of my nose to complete the look.

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