Sunday, August 3, 2008

Cocktails at Daniel: The End of an Era

The intimate lounge at chef Boulud's namesake restaurant Daniel looks like you've arrived at an opulent Park Avenue residence. The ornately upholstered couches, cherry red circular chairs, tables ornately laid with the finest silver flatware, and lamps that cast a golden peach hued glow onto the gorgeous patrons, make for one of the most timeless and elegant dining experiences. In the lounge you can order a cocktail and dessert from Daniel's exclusive menu, while admiring the stately interior. Sadly, last night was the final evening to savor this dining experience, as Daniel will be reopening in September with a completely new architectural interior. Tomorrow is my birthday, and just as I feel nostalgic about my 24th year coming to a close, I feel similarly nostalgic knowing that Daniel will never be the same. I know that when Daniel reopens I will still be able to order the signature cocktail, a mix of gin, violet syrup, lemon juice, and champagne, but more importantly I tell myself that change is something to look forward to. In homage to the Daniel of a now bygone era, I've put together an outfit that I believe epitomizes the female patron of Daniel: feminine, stylish, and elegant. The outfit consists of this delicate ballerina-ish dress with a pastel floral pattern reminiscent of Rococo wall paper, Chanel Hydrabase Lipstick in the Lilac Sky hue, and this shiny black clutch. The "Daniel Look" is finished off with a strand of cream-colored pearls and black heels. Tonight at midnight when I officially turn 25, I will toast the passing of this Manhattan institution and the promise of what's to come.

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Nina said...

Happy Birthday Camilla! With that dress you'll be the belle of the ball and rightly so. Hope you enjoy it to the fullest!