Sunday, August 24, 2008

Bronzer Blast From the Past

In high school I would always take hours putting on makeup before going out for a night on the town (which basically resulted in going to an upper east side sushi bar and then waiting on the corner of Lexington Avenue with my girlfriends for the boy I had a crush on to call). Pretty lame. Anyway, in those days my painted-lady makeup ritual included blush, three coats of mascara, lipstick, and oodles of bronzer. My favorite bronzer was Agnes B.'s Apricot Complexion Enhancer. This was a gel cream that I purchased at the Agnes B. department store and immediately fell in love with. Though it came out of the tube a bright and offensive orange color, when it was applied to the skin it resulted in a luminous tan glow that would last all evening. Recently I got nostalgic for the Complexion Enhancer when I was trying to find a gel bronzer in Saks to even out some facial blotchiness. Nuxe's Teint Ultra Prodigieux is a grown-up verison of my beloved bronzer from the past. While it reminds me of the Agnes B. version with it's smooth gel-like texture that glides on seamlessly, the color is decidedly more subtle and natural. Plus, it comes in a special formula for fair skin, which is perfect for me. I think I've found my new favorite gel bronzer.

photo credit Nuxe:
photo credit Agnes B.:

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