Thursday, July 31, 2008

An Urbanite's Menagerie

Recently I've been buying a lot of house warming presents for friends, and there is a definite trend cropping up in design stores towards animal-and- insect-inspired objects for the urban home. These ironically translated yearnings for the natural world can be seen in objects as tiny as a bud vase with a painted dragon fly, to large couch pillows featuring photo realistic wolves and owls. I haven't gotten on the menagerie band wagon quite yet, but I've been scoping out some options for when I move into my new pad in September. This canvas Pigeon Tote by Marlow & Sons, featuring the quintessential example of NYC fauna, will be perfect for toting groceries from Chelsea Market and will look chic hung on the doorknob of my closet when not in use. Harry Allen's Pig Bank in hot pink is totally bizarre, and while I feel it might be too edgy for my taste, has a modern sculptural appeal and a shock value that make it definitely worth a second look as a design piece. Lastly, this "diorama"-style accordian Aquarium Card is whimsical, has a wonderful antique quality, and will look beautiful displayed prominently on my desk.

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somethingfishy said...

Check out J Marks gorgeous fake fish tanks. These Fake Artificial Aquariums are Waterlessn Toy Fish Tanks. Their soothing effect offers amazing health benefits.

Beauty in Chelsea said...

Hey somethingfishy,
These are so cool! I also love the fact that they reduce stress!
xo beauty