Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Make Your Own Sundae

My obsession with ice cream and gelato peaks in the summer months. My mother takes out her ice cream maker and insists that we sample a different flavor of homemade ice cream every weekend that I visit her. When guests come for dinner she serves her dessert in this brightly colored Andy Warhol Ice Cream Cone Set and lets everyone choose their own sundae toppings. The latest flavor creation was sour cherry! While I was perusing the Fred Flare website last night, I found a piece of jewelry that will perfectly complement her recent culinary endeavors. The Sprinkle Heart Ring is whimsical and fun, but it is still chic enough to wear to any summer garden party.

photo credit ring: http://www.fredflare.com
photo credit ice cream cone set: http://www.amazon.com

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southofthe border said...

The Perfect Scoop is the greatest sorbet and ice cream cookbook, and if you buy a Cuisinart ice cream maker you can just pour in Yoohoo soda and make chocolate sorbet!