Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Found It: The Perfect Bikini

The aquatic design spectacle
Pool Lady is back
this summer,
she is currently stationed at Barretto Point Park in Hunts Point in the Bronx. The only thing separating you from her 7 lanes of turquoise water is a short ride on the 6 train. Of course you'll need the proper attire and accessories for your day trip. This Forget Me Knot bikini by Zimmermann is possibly the most perfect bikini ever. Also, it's finally on sale at Elizabeth Charles' website. It fits like a dream and is girly in an understated way with a miniature floral pattern on a black background. Details like tiny heart beads on the ends of the string ties are flirty and feminine. You'll also need some goggles for underwater people watching. This chic jelly pair by ClubSwim comes in bright colors reminiscent of Pez and will keep your peepers protected from the chlorine. Last of all, don't forget to stay hydrated. New Activate futuristic vitamin waters come in delicious flavors. Their ingenious design keeps the vitamins separate from the H2O until you're ready to drink, preserving their potency and ensuring that you'll be able to go that extra lap.

photo credit bikini: http://www.elizabeth-charles.com/1000.html
photo credit vitamin water: http://shop.activatedrinks.com
photo credit goggles: http://www.swimoutlet.com/product_p/7023.htm
photo credit pool: http://www.floatingpoollady.org

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