Monday, July 21, 2008

Brush With Style: Designer Toothpaste

My friends often joke that I'm a lot like Sally in "When Harry Met Sally," because I am so particular when I order in a restaurant, and I frequently ask for sauce or salad dressing "on the side." Subsequently, my favorite part of getting a drink at Starbucks is that I get to customize it exactly to my liking. It's one of the only places where I don't feel uncomfortable being insanely picky about every single detail of my beverage. When I recently learned about Breath Palette's line of naturally derived toothpastes I was totally ecstatic about the idea that I could customize them with a flavor from a long list of exotic choices like Yogurt, Rose, and White Peach. I quickly realized that I would have to upgrade my toothbrush as well if I really wanted to make the whole toothbrushing experience as luxurious as possible. I'm considering this sleek beauty by Paul Smith or this minimalist black and white curvilinear Scuba Brush by Radius. Both are total objets d'art and will certainly make any bathroom a whole lot chicer.

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Always In Style said...

I'm not sure about yogurt flavored toothpaste but I do adore that Paul Smith toothbrush in black!