Monday, July 14, 2008

Big Apple

Cezanne ( I haven't figured out how to include the accent yet so please excuse the lack thereof) utilized the apple as his subject in order to demonstrate his painterly technique of rendering three dimensional objects in space, employing principles of shifting perspective and color planes. Apparently he was so enamored with his subject that he even had a set of wax apples that he painted from to avoid the whole rotting aspect of working with real fruit. Like Cezanne I am also intrigued by the possibilities of the apple, but unlike him my interest lies not in the aesthetic possibilities of the fruit but in its scent. I especially love the smell of Granny Smith apples, and while I know they are traditionally associated with fall, I find the lightness of the scent particularly appropriate for the hottest days of summer. In homage to the apple I have compiled a list of my three favorite apple-scented products:
1.) DKNY Be Delicious Perfume has been around for awhile, but I've recently rediscovered it in my perfume collection. It smells exactly like a crisp apple and isn't cloyingly sweet like a lot of fruity summer scents. Plus the glass container shaped like an apple is so appealing.
Fresh Appleseed Brightening Exfoliant: This super-strength-scrubber smells luxurious and will leave your pores gleaming, as though you've just gotten a treatment at a high-end spa.
3.)Kol Design Picnic Therapeutic Bath Salts: Add these salts to a tub full of warm water after a long day at work for a relaxing and detoxifying experience. The salts contain notes of green apple and fresh grass, and the experience will make you feel as though you are lounging on a red and white checkered blanket under a clear blue sky.

painting credit: Paul Cezanne, The Basket of Apples, ca. 1893.
photo credit Picnic Bath Salts:
photo credit DKNY perfume:

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