Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Under the Sea

I am in love with SJP's luminous mermaid dress that she wore to the Sex and the City premiere last night. Now, I may be biased because I wore the same elaborate mermaid costume I purchased at Ricky's to almost every Halloween party that I attended for over 6 years, until I finally retired it for Little Red Riding Hood. Nevertheless, I think that the dress looked so amazing with her Darryl-Hannah-in-Splash-esque blonde waves. Check out a pic of the dress on The Cut. In honor of SJP's look this post is about my favorite three marine-based products that will keep any mermaid looking star(fish) worthy. The first product is Chantecaille's Limited Edition Protect Paradise Face Compact. Swirled together with a large brush these shimmery, gilded colors impart a candle-lit glow to the cheekbones, and when used separately the colors can be implemented as highlighters on the brow bone and eye lid. A portion of the proceeds is donated to marine conservation research. The second product is Marvis' Aquatic Mint Toothpaste. The zingy tingle you get from this flavor will wake you up in the morning, and the cool packaging will look luxe on any bathroom sink. The last product, Calypso's Marine fragrance, has a deeply lingering oceany scent that will make you long for the sun and the sand.

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I use L'Aromarine Oceane Eau de Toilette at to hold onto that beachy feeling.