Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Mykonos in a Bottle

I'm not feeling well again, so I've been resting in bed the past two days, reading a lot of travel magazines to relax, and planning my dream vacation. Invariably, it will include a trip to a Greek island, preferably Mykonos, where I can relax on the beach by day, taking some time to check out the jewelry collection at the Archaeological Museum, and have amazing dinners at tavernas in the evening. Until I get to my travel destination I can experience a little bit of the Greek islands right here in Chelsea. The German based company Linari has created an elegant line of diffusers in large, sleek, and reflective glass bottles with exotic wooden tops. Though all the scents are appealingly unique, Estate really captures what I would imagine to be the scents of Mykonos: fresh lemons, sand and salt air, with notes of honey and ouzo in the background. Estate fills my living room with an intoxicating fragrance, so that my imagination can really go places.

photo credit: http://www.destination360.com/europe/greece/images/s/mykonos.jpg

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working girl said...

I have a bottle of Alora brand Due aromatherapy diffuser in my office at work and every single person who comes into the office says, wha't that great smell?" It's made of essential oils like cucumber, and is light enough so it's refreshing but does not smell like a perfume. It's also great to open the door in the morning and instead of a stale room smell, to be greeted by a pleasing scent.