Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Fab Fiction: Best Beach Reads For Summer

Winner Best Beach Read: Playing with the Grown-ups: A Novel by Sophie Dahl

Get swept away into the glamorous and scandalous world that is Kitty's reality in Playing with the Grown-ups. A young English beauty coming of age in a home where her exquisite artist mother Marina smokes joints with the rich and famous, gets entangled in a cult-like ashram, and cries herself to sleep over a slew of failed relationships, Kitty remains remarkably grounded amidst a sea of loonies. Dahl's voice is direct and unwavering as she weaves a vivid, painterly narrative with the same dark and whimsical humor that her grandfather was fond of. This book is supposedly loosely based on Dahl's own childhood, which gives it an added mystique, as she is a fascinating character in her own right (ie: racy Opium ad and romance with Jagger).

photo credit of book cover: http://www.bookcourt.org

Runner-Up Best Beach Read: Summer at Tiffany by Marjorie Hart

Satisfying like a Frozen Hot Chocolate from Serendipity, Summer at Tiffany is a light-hearted and fun read about two young women who move to NYC for the summer. It will transport you to old New York in the 1940's, complete with lunches at Schrafft's soda fountain, checker cabs, and weekends at the beach. Reminiscent of Auntie Mame and Thoroughly Modern Milly, this book is sure to keep you happy and entertained in the sun.

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