Thursday, April 10, 2008

April Showers & May Flowers

Spring is my favorite season, and we have been having some perfect spring days this past week. The yellow daffodils fill the metal garden planters on the sidewalk, the trees are bedecked in white blossoms, and the park on 22nd street is filled with children playing on the jungle gym and the swings. However, even though today was a perfectly sunny day with temperatures in the seventies, the forecast predicts rain for the next few days. The one issue I have with spring is the rather volatile weather that ranges from days of blue-skied perfection to gray days with seemingly never-ending rain. Subsequently, I've been checking out various umbrella options lately for April showers as well as parasols for sunny days. My great grandmother carried a fuchsia parasol with a diamond encrusted handle in the summer, and I definitely think that this is a trend worth resurrecting, especially because of sun damage concerns. The website carries a customizable array of solid colored umbrella heads and handles in sleek lady-like shapes that you can mix and match to create a personalized look. However, the vintage section of the website is really delightful. I'm especially loving this pink floral umbrella, reminiscent of a Marimekko pattern, that could easily double as a sun parasol, and this stunningly delicate Chinese floral parasol that was featured in the May issue of Elle. Whether your goal is to stay dry or shady these options will have you covered.

painting: Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Young Girl with Parasol, 1883, oil on canvas, collection David-Weill, Paris
photo credit pink umbrella:
photo credit Chinese parasol:

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