Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Pashma Comes to the Met

Yesterday afternoon when it was pouring outside I went to the Metropolitan Museum to see the Courbet show that opened recently. The show was an incredibly extensive look at Courbet's ouvre. Some highlights from the show include his canonical nudes, a whole room devoted to his youthful self portraits, and his tumultuous seascapes. While Origin of the World was included (FYI it's smaller than you would imagine, and it was influenced by stereoscopic images by Andre Belloc), sadly The Artist's Studio was only represented by a lame cardboard reproduction at the end of the exhibit. Give yourself plenty of time to view the exhibition if you are a compulsive label reader, or alternately you can do what I did and just look at the paintings that capture your interest. I always go to the Museum Store after walking through the exhibits, and yesterday was no exception. However, unlike my usual visit to the shop, where I check out the books and jewelry and completely gloss over the scarves, this time a shawl caught my eye right away. Pashma, a company based in India, is now selling their lightweight cashmere shawls in statement-making floral patterns perfect for Spring. While I used to think of the Met as a place to buy scarves for my grandmother and other elegant older women, I never would categorize the designs as suitable for twenty-somethings. Not only do Pashma's designs suit women of all ages, but they are also comprised of a deliciously thin weave that is perfect for air conditioned offices in the Spring and Summer. Plus the pattern is just really gorgeous; even the man who was ringing me up was in awe of how beautiful the scarf was. You must go over to the Met to see the Courbet show, and treat yourself to a Pashma shawl for Spring.

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Anonymous said...

That shawl is a work of art in itself. Just wearing it would make me feel joyful, and it reminds me of a Monet painting, a scene from his garden.