Monday, March 3, 2008

L'Arte Del Gelato

It feels like Spring outside, and that means that it's time for gelato! When I traveled to Florence a few years ago, I enjoyed the great museums, the delicious pasta, and most of all the gelato. You can purchase gelato on nearly every corner in Florence, and the flavors run the gamut from traditional to exotic. Whenever I feel like being transported to Florence I walk over to Chelsea Market on 9th Avenue between 15th and 16th Street for a treat. L'Arte Del Gelato combines Italian tradition with modern flair. They even serve their frozen treats in those brightly colored plastic cups with tiny neon spoons like they do in Florence. The flavors will please purists and adventuresome eaters alike, and they change seasonally. Standouts include grapefruit sorbetti, stracciatella gelato, mascarpone gelato, and pear sorbetti. If you're feeling very indulgent then spring for the cannoli cream gelato! You can even rent a party cart filled with your favorite flavors for special events. Mangia everybody, and happy almost Spring.

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Briana said...

they definitely have the most authentic gelato in the states. i love going to their store on 7th ave - the banana flavor is not to be missed! and i miss traveling in italy with you!